About Us

Specialising in delivering robust strategic growth and business development plans.

Our team expertly turn innovative ideas into managed projects by applying our knowledge and wealth of experience to exploring novel ways of bringing business opportunities to our clients.

Our team have over 40 years of combined relevant experience acquired at several leading institutions, resulting in expert knowledge throughout many different sectors.


Leadership and expert guidance through the entire process.


Sharing our market knowledge by providing quality reliable data, trends analysis and predictive modelling.

Market Access

Intelligent market data and knowledge based research.


We lead the process of developing a robust strategy that focuses on sustainable business growth.

& Sponsorship

Leadership and expert guidance through the entire process.

Our mission

MSC Consulting Limited incorporated take innovative ideas, projects & growth-oriented businesses on the complete journey be it increasing market share, entering new markets or capital raise we simply enable our help, advice and guidance.

We are early adopters and considered pioneers in educating, preparing and executing market strategy & specifically supporting businesses to explore all opportunities in novel ways to bring products and services to new markets.

  • New business and sector opportunities
  • Connecting customer and supply chain
  • New technology trends and data
  • Sales and implementation strategies

Our experience

Automotive Industry 87%
Aerospace Industry 75%
Rail Industry 63%
Medical Industry 50%